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New Jersey’s Crystal Ball: Where our State is Headed

Welcome to the GSI Briefing podcast – hosted by Regina Egea, President of the Garden State Initiative.

In this episode of the GSI Briefing, we’re presenting a panel discussion from GSI’s recent Economic Policy Forum that asked several policy experts to wonder aloud about what they see in New Jersey’s future for our economy and key industries; government & political landscape; and commercial and private real estate values.

The discussion, which was moderated by former New Jersey state treasurer Ford Scudder, featured: Jeffrey Otteau, Managing Partner & Chief Economist of real estate consulting firm the Otteau Group; Senator Steve Oroho – the State Senate Minority Leader; and Dr. Brigid Harrison – professor of Political Science at Montclair State University.

As you’ll hear from Jeff Otteau in the panel, you’ll want to “buckle up” for what may lie ahead as we deal with unprecedented state government spending, an exodus of both young people and wealth from our state, and a tenuous real estate market.

If we can draw any conclusion from these experts, it’s that New Jersey is a state with incredible assets and potential, but significant problems. Those problems are fixable with political will from our elected officials in Trenton. It is up to us as citizens to hold them accountable.