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We believe in sustainable, effective economic infrastructure for today and tomorrow.

The Garden State Initiative (GSI) is an independent research and educational organization dedicated to making New Jersey once again a place where families and businesses can thrive. GSI provides sound, fact-based policy analysis on and practical solutions to, some of New Jersey’s most pressing problems such as the cost of the entire NJ government as well as essential tax reforms. New, innovative, and forward-looking solutions are needed. As a beacon for rational thinking and common sense in a sea of fiscal madness, GSI has an important role to play in exploring policies which will make New Jersey once again economically strong and its communities vibrant, to the benefit of all its citizens. To this end, GSI educates the public, business community, those in the media—the influencers of New Jersey—and works closely with partners throughout the state to build a sustainable and effective economic infrastructure for today and tomorrow.