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Tax Cuts All Around – Except in New Jersey

Welcome to the GSI Briefing podcast – hosted by Regina Egea, President of the Garden State Initiative.

As we begin 2023, 38 states across the country, Red and Blue alike, have enacted significant changes to their tax codes. An analysis by the non-partisan Tax Foundation found most of these changes resulted in meaningful tax cuts. Unfortunately for New Jersey taxpayers, we were not one those 38 states. Just one example, consumers of recreational marijuana in 2023 are paying an excise tax almost 40% higher than last year.

About Our Guest:

Joining Regina on this episode is Katherine Loughead, Senior Policy Analyst for State Tax Policy at the Tax Foundation. She is also a co-author of their recent report State Tax Changes Taking Effect January 1, 2023.
She serves as a resource to policymakers in their efforts to modernize and improve the structure of their state tax codes.

Ms. Loughead was one of the lead authors of reform recommendations for Wisconsin and Kansas.
Prior to joining the Tax Foundation, Katherine worked for a U.S. senator and a member of the House of Representatives, where she advised on tax policy during the enactment of the historic Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017. A native of Illinois, she is a graduate of the John Wesley Honors College at Indiana Wesleyan University, holding a degree in English and Business Administration. She also has earned a paralegal certificate from Georgetown University.